Welcome to Elite Legal!

I am excited to share some of the knowledge I have gained over my 20 years in the business. This blog is where I will update you on interesting articles we discover in the industry or problems we have overcome in files. I will be sharing news and information in real estate law from a law clerk’s perspective that may affect your clients today or in the future.

Elite Legal formed when we saw a need in the real estate industry for capable off-site law clerks for all the work after the sale. Lawyers don’t need to be spending their time managing files, and a full-time in-house clerk may not be the answer for everyone.

I started Elite back in 1996. I was a new mom and chose to work from home to be present for my family throughout the day. My skills as a clerk have always been important to me and keeping up with them while having the flexibility to work for myself was ideal. And, I thrived on the challenge! Right from the start, I noticed the need for an exceptional law clerk to help out the real estate lawyers I had come across. Today, Elite Legal’s support team of fabulous legal clerks and title searchers join me in my passion for bringing excellence to real estate files.

If you are new to real estate law, we can work with you in managing your files. Choosing Elite gives you the advantage of utilizing our vast experience without hiring. We love sharing what we do, and we can guide you through the work needed to ensure you have more time for your clients.

If you are a veteran of the business, you are likely busy, especially as we approach the spring. Many of our customers use our services when their full-time clerk is overrun, on holidays, or they just need a particular file managed, and their clerk has never run across this type of file before.

Join us as we navigate this fast-paced industry together. Coming soon are blogs covering the unique challenges of land transfers and inter-spousal relationships, our most rewarding client experience, and a unique challenge we overcame regarding property descriptions.

If you want us to offer an opinion or research a unique situation you have encountered, please send us an email. We love to help.