We are a small firm at Elite, but we are comfortable solving large problems. This past summer we worked with a lawyer who had a builder client needing to prepare and close a significant percentage of their final closings in a very tight timeline. To be honest, it was a bit nerve-wracking having over one hundred purchases closing at the same time.

Developing a system to coordinate the additional documentation was our first step. We managed to streamline the documents to improve efficiency and developed in-house systems to make the job of working together with the lawyer easier for us all.

We secured the engagement of a fabulous collection of clerks willing to help evenings and weekends to help tackle the volume of work. With only a few weeks to get all the files prepared, a spreadsheet to keep track of the closings and appointments by the individual purchaser and, a whole lot of adrenaline, we completed all closings in record time.

It is not often that we get the opportunity to work on such a high volume of files. We confidently say that Elite can finish any amount of work on a tight timeline with the help of a committed team assisting when the client need arises.

Making our client look good in the eyes of the builder means we all win. This experience will, hopefully, not be the last time we get to help that many purchasers at once be ready to move into their new home. That is the real joy of our work.