We had a recent case at Elite involving a mysterious lot description. It was something that previous clerks, lawyers and the Land Registry Office had missed. But not here at Elite.

We were working on the file and ensuring title when we came across an anomaly. Somewhere in the history of the property, an error occurred and the lot description of the neighbouring property became the same as the one we were working on closing. The realtor, purchaser, and lawyer all had no idea this problem existed.

We immediately informed the lawyer we were working for and then set out to find a solution to correct the problem and ensure a smooth closing for the lawyers, purchasers and realtor.

At Elite, we have a fabulous title searcher, Laura. Laura spent hours reviewing title and working with the Land Registry Office trying to get the lot descriptions sorted out for our client. It was her due diligence that saved many heartaches for the lawyer and the homeowners.

Laura’s thorough work on the file meant that the Registry Office called to tell us to “never let Laura go.” Don’t worry; we were never planning on it! Her process and experience in the searching of title leaves no stone unturned, no property at risk and no client unhappy. She will be a member of Elite Legal for many years to come. You can be sure that in her hands, there will be no shortcuts and your title search will be as thorough as possible.

This is just one example of how we take your business seriously. Another satisfied customer at Elite. Mystery solved.