Residential Real Estate File Management, Title Search, Document Production, EREG Services


Please contact [email protected] for a current price list

* Plus title search disbursements, software charge & HST.
** Extra charges may apply for work done over and above, will be discussed with lawyer on a file by file basis.

Included in our service by Elite Legal:

  • Open file in conveyancing software
  • Whole lot search (part lot search/condo search subject to additional fee)
  • Prepare letter of requisitions/reply, vendor documents
  • Prepare mortgage and purchaser documents for signing
  • Prepare adjustments, vendor documents for signing
  • Prepare E-REG transfer and charge and message to lawyer
  • Prepare mortgage documents for lender
  • Prepare and send in request for funds/order discharge statements
  • Calculation of final figures
  • Order title insurance (Stewart/Chicago/First Canadian)
  • Register Documents on closing
  • Tax/condo change of ownership on purchasers
  • Reporting letters prepared (to be sent out by offices)

New Searching service available:

Ontario-Wide property search – we will manually search by name (in Teraview), each Land Registry Office in Ontario to see if there is a match